Work Package 4 

WP4: Evaluation and validation of an in vivo imaging technique for measuring brain tumour magnitude -- Leader: TEIA (M1-M36)
WP4 includes the tasks that aim to: test several labelling techniques in order to develop a standardised (high radiolabeling yield, radiochemical purity and radiochemical, in vitro and in vivo stability) method for labeling adequately preformed micro/nanoparticles with gamma-emitting radionuclides; carry out biodistribution studies in normal and brain tumor models in order qyantify quantify the uptake of labelled micro/nanoparticles in various healthy organs or/and tissues and the pathological site; perform in vivo dynamic scintigraphic and tomographic SPECT studies in small mice; quantification of imaging results; design and optimize of imaging protocols for planar dynamic and tomographic SPECT studies.