Scientific Journals

  1. Eirini Apostolos Fragogeorgi, Irina N Savina, Theodoros Tsotakos, Eleni K Efthimiadou, Stavros Xanthopoulos, Lazaros Palamaris, Dimitris Psimadas, George Kordas, Sergey Mikhalovsky, Mohammad Alavijeh, George Loudos, "Comparative In vitro Stability and Scintigraphic Imaging for Trafficking and Tumour Targeting of a Directly and a Novel 99mTc(I)(CO)3 Labelled Liposome", accepted for publication in International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2014.
  2. D. Psimadas, T. Tsotakos, E. Fragogeorgi and G. Loudos, Nanomedicininal approach of getting across the brood-brain barrier: A closer look at radiolabeled nanoparticles, submitted to Current Molecular Medicine, 2014.

International Conferences

  1. Eirini A. Fragogeorgi, Irina N. Savina, Theodoros Tsotakos, Elen Efthimiadou, Chris Tapeinos, Stavros Xanthopoulos, Lazaros Palamaris, George Kordas, Sergey Mikhalovsky, Mohammad Alavijeh, George Loudos, "Comparative in vitro and in vivo evaluation of nanosized liposome appropriately modified for being labelled with Tc-99m by two different radiolabelling approaches", Annual meeting of the COST Action TD1004, Athens
  2. Eirini Fragogeorgi, "Non-Invasive Nanoparticles evaluation using in vivo imaging", 2nd Conference on Bio-Medical Instrumentation and related Engineering and Physical Sciences, BIOMEP, Saturday 22 June, 2013, Athens, Greece.
  3. Fragogeorgi I., I.N, Savina, T.Tsotakos, Varvarigou A.D., Mikhalovsky, S.V., Alavijeh M.S., Loudos G., "Radiolabelling optimization of new stealth liposomal nanoparticles with Tc-99m. Preliminary study with challenging promises for the imaging of lipid-based delivery systems across the BBB", EMIM 2013, 26-28 May 2013, Torino, Italy.