Project Objectives


The main scientific objectives of OncoNanoBBB are:

  • The design and synthesis of a range of NPs for in vitro and in vivo assessment, suitable for drug delivery across BBB, as well as with efficient radiolabelling yield for in vivo imaging
  • The physicochemical characterisation (shape and size) of NPs in different mediums (aqueous, organic and biological matrixes) and assessment of their radiochemical stability
  • The optimization of NPs formulation using a variety of pharmaceutical excipients
  • The investigation of mechanism of action (MOA), by carrying out high resolution imaging studies, using endothelial cells both in vitro and in vivo
  • The application of a methodology for labeling NPs with radionuclides, without altering their biological properties and by taking into account factors such as ease of preparation and in vitro and in vivo stability
  • The assessment of the ability of NPs to enhance transport of a diverse set of existing cancer drugs in in vitro models of BBB
  • The establishment of the in vivo pharmacokinetics Structural Distribution Relationship (SDR) for these NPs via different administration routes
  • The establishment of the in vivo neuropharmacokinetics (brain pharmacokinetics) Structural Distribution Relationship (SDR) for these NPs utilised via optimised route identified from above
  • The establishment and validation of imaging protocols for screening of Cerenseā„¢-formulated chemotherapeutics in models of brain cancer
  • The assessment of CNS and non-CNS penetrating chemotherapeutics with and without the Cerenseā„¢ technology in in vivo model of brain cancer

Additional project objectives are:

  • The exploration of a range of future applications for this technology in critical care medicine
  • The transfer of knowledge among the participating academic institutions and industry
  • The dissemination of project outcomes to targeted audience and general public
  • The efficient overall project management and results exploitation