Dissemination Activities

Scientific Presentations
Pharmidex chairing a session on “Imaging in CNS”  at the Genesis conference 2013:
Thursday, December 12, 2013 - Pharmidex will be attending and exhibiting at the Genesis conference in London. Dr Mo Alavijeh, will be chairing a session on “Imaging in CNS”.  http://www.genesisconference.com/

Pharmidex presentation at the EPIC 2013:
Thursday, June 6, 2013 - Pharmidex attended the EPIC 10 Biotech event on 6th June 2013, at King's Fund, London. Dr Martin Barrett, Business Development Manager, provided a presentation on Pharmidex CNS & ADMET & Imaging solutions in the 'Platform & Diagnostics' session.  http://www.epicbiotech.com/programme/

Pharmidex to presentation at the SMi 8th Annual ADMET Conference
Pharmidex attended the SMi 8th annual ADMET conference on the 10-11th of July 2013 in London. Dr Mo Yaqoob provided a presentation at this event entitled "Role of Zebrafish in Drug Discovery and Development" with strong emphasis on Bio-Imaging. 10th July to 11th July 2013, London, United Kingdom - http://www.smi-online.co.uk/pharmaceuticals/archive/7-2013/conference/admet

TEIA acknowledged OnconanoBBB in the following presentations:

  1. Invited participation of Prof. Loudos in the workshop: "Nanomedicine fighting cancer... Did you know it?". Nano World Cancer Day, ETP Nanomedicine, Athens, 30 December 2014.
  2. “In vivo imaging challenged during hyperthermia, using nanoparticles”, George Loudos (invited), Technological evolution in cancer diagnosis and treatment: hyperthermia-nanotechnology, Aretaio Hospital, Athens 4 October 2013.
  3. "Molecular Imaging with PET/SPECT: their role in personalized therapy", George Loudos (invited), THERANOSIS: The role of Nuclear Medicine in personalized cancer therapy, General Oncological Hospital«Agioi Anargiri”, Athens, Saturday, 18 May 2013.
  4. "PET/MRI in nanomedicine", 2nd World Congress on Ga-68 (Generators and Novel Radiopharmaceuticals), George Loudos (invited), Molecular Imaging (PET/CT), Targeted RadionuclideTherapy and Dosimetry: On the Way to Personalized Medicine, Chandigarh, India, February 28 - March 2, 2013.
  5. "9th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN12)", G. Loudos, D. Psimadas, T. Tsotakos, E. Fragogeorgi, In vivo imaging of nanoparticles for diseases diagnosis and therapy using radiolabelling techniques, 3-6 July 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece.

The project has been referenced in terms of the courses:

  1. Nanotechnology in Medicine (George Loudos). Undergraduate course in terms of the 6th semester at the Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  2. Molecular imaging (George Loudos). Master course in terms of the Medical Physics program in University of Patras.